Monday, December 15, 2008


HRH SULTAN KUDANDING CAMSA (Sultan Kudanding Camsa bin Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin) is the grandson of HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin. He is the 20th Sultan of Buayan and concurrently enthroned as Sultan of Labu and Sultan of Allah Valley during his term. He ruled Buayan on 1940s until his death in January 4, 1986 at Zapakan, Sultan sa Barongis, Maguindanao, the former seat of the throne of his grandfather, Datu Utto.

HRH Sultan Kudanding showed exemplary leadership to his people, and even the government of the Philippine Republic had gave him due recognition. In 1940s, he was appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines as the first Mayor of Koronadal, then Mayor of Sebu (1945), and Mayor of Nurralah (1953). He was appointed also as Deputy Governor-at-large in Cotabato Empire in 1958 and finally the first appointed Mayor of his hometown in Sultan sa Barongis in 1975. This means that when he was a Sultan of Buayan he is serving (at the same time) as the Head of a Local Government Unit in the above-stated municipalities which were also under the sovereignty of Buayan Sultanate.

As a Sultan, Datu, and a politician, HRH Sultan Kudanding never forget that his life is for his people, as he gave all his monetary compensation to schools, markets, roads and to the needy people within the Empire Province of Cotabato.